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EVERY CASE MATTERS’ primary objective is to stop genocide in whatever form it exists and to provide appropriate redress to the traumatic and adverse effects of genocide upon black, brown and red lives and their family systems locally and globally.

EVERY CASE MATTERS, in concert with victim-led, victim-organized community partnerships will develop modalities to provide healing and therapeutic intervention to families of victims lost to genocide and police terrorism.

EVERY CASE MATTERS will lift the veil of obscurity covering cases that never receive justice, media coverage or appropriate legal redress.

EVERY CASE MATTERS will educate communities locally and globally affected by such violence and genocidal assaults initiated upon black and brown and red lives with effective tools and modalities for dismantling such assaults and genocide.

EVERY CASE MATTERS will fight to hold political and judicial polarities accountable that co-sign the genocide state terroristic attacks initiated upon black, brown and red lives by forming a cohesive partnership with victims and their families, community liaisons, local and state colleges, schools, several ecclesiastical communities and clergy.

We must heal, we must unite, we must love as we fight.